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About Comet Rocks

What is Comet Rocks?

Comet Rocks unites the point of inspiration with a point of sale. We provide seamless end-to-end shopping journeys bespoke to the specifics of each customer touchpoint. Founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneurs and backed by some of the leading Global VC’s, Comet Rocks is transforming the way brands approach their e-commerce strategies to reflect the non-linear customer journey’s of today.

How can Comet Rocks help my current e-commerce efforts?

By transforming your content and campaigns into stores, Comet Rocks allows your audience to purchase at the point of inspiration. Our Satellite Stores embed seamlessly into your content as purchasing gateways that increase your conversion rates by more than 30%.

By removing friction points of current shopping journeys such as directing to a brand website or complex CRM processes, our product keeps customers in context to lower bounce rates & increase product views and ad-to-carts by more than 40%.

What sets Comet Rocks apart from other solutions?

Comet Rocks supports any type of journey and is designed for enterprise security & scale. From our drag & drop store builder, to APIs, SDKs and the post-purchase fulfilment integration without reconciliations, a complete end-to-end brand-driven shopping experience is made effortless with Comet whilst remaining tailored to every touchpoint.

Satellite Stores

What is a Satellite Store?

Satellite stores are embeddable storefronts that can be used across campaigns and social content. Acting as gateways to your store system, the native and seamless interface allows your customers to purchase directly at the point of inspiration.

What analytics insights do I get with Comet Rocks?

Your Comet dashboard and API access provides you with access to detailed 1st party performance metrics for each contextual Satellite Store. Conversion Rates, actions, and any other custom event  from across the entire shopping funnel are available to you.

Fed up with not seeing your ROI from influencer partnerships? Our dashboard gives you full transparency over sales figures from specific creators per campaign. Furthermore, tracking pixels can be embedded in each store, feeding the corresponding analytics back into your core analytics systems.

How does a satellite store work?

Our Satellite Stores leverage our headless commerce infrastructure that integrates with your current core shopping systems, whether Shopify Plus, Magento,  Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or custom.

Once integrated, you are granted access to your Comet Rocks Console where your catalog/inventory are seamlessly synced via API. After this, the fun begins and you can create as many stores as you like within your console. When finished, simply publish and watch your sales and conversion rates soar. Orders and payments are booked directly into your current core systems.

Where can you use a Satellite Store?

Anywhere! Embed into into customer touchpoint, from social media, to 3rd party articles and online material, or in-store store experience.

Which Shop systems do you support?

We currently support Shopify, Magento solutions and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Our Satellite Stores connect to your system directly via API, without the need for any layers in between. Please get in touch if you are using a different provider to hear about how we can support you.

Is there a limit on the number of products I can have in the store?

Nope! Your entire catalog is synced with your console once the integration has been completed. Any changes made to your inventory, whether this be a product image, description or price will automatically be reflected in your Comet Rocks console, eliminating time-consuming and repetitive management tasks.

Is it safe for customers to input their card details in the Satellite Store?

Absolutely. Our Satellite Stores use your payment system and provider, meaning that we do not perform the transaction on your behalf, we simply provide the means for your customers to shop and buy quicker and with less effort where they get inspired.

How does the Satellite Store manage stock levels?

Once your store system has been integrated with your Comet Rocks console, the information reflected here is live. If something goes out of stock in your system, it will be automatically updated and shown as out of stock in your dashboard and comet live stores.

Who send the customer a confirmation email?

Fulfilment is completely carried out by your systems. We do not take payment and we do not process CRM or fulfilment, everything is controlled by your existing providers and internal workflow. This means that there is no need for reconciliation efforts; our stores reflect your order information and the customer is provided with a seamless and frictionless purchasing experience.


What data is collected and what is it used for?

We collect analytics data. This includes session data as well as typical e-commerce events data such as page view, add to cart, initiate checkout etc. Any personal shopper data collected is only collected in order to process the transaction as a data processor.  For detailed insights on our data processing please review our data processing agreement.

Who owns the customers data?

In respect of the shopper's data, Comet is a data processor on behalf of our customers, brands, who are data controllers towards their end customers. Customer data such as email, phone, address is only captured if a customer completes the checkout process for the purpose of processing the transaction for the respective data controller brand.

Where is data stored?

Data is stored on AWS EU servers. For further information on data processing please cinsult our data processing agreement.

Are both my brand and customer data safe?

Absolutely. Comet deploys a comprehensive data security policy and is both SOC2 TypeI security compliance and GDPR compliant.


How long does integration take?

This depends on your current setup. Integration can take as little as 15 minutes for a Shopify customer, but for enterprise customers on SFCC the timing will to a large part depend on the brand partner. Technical connectivity is established in a day or two, however, the  integration process will generally last a few weeks as our partners generally choose to run a full end to end test following intagrations.

How much does integration cost?

Comet does not charge for integrations, however, our enterprise implementations may wish to invest in end-to-end testing before taking implementations public.