AI- satellite stores for each specific channel, campaign, or context

At lightspeed without code or additional engineering resources

Comet helps brands

Leverage New Sales Channels

Turn content rich customer touchpoints into sales channels

Amplify Customer Insights

Get additional 1st party contextual data

Increase Conversion Rates

Increase conversion by reducing the context switch between ad campaign and storefront

Direct Engagement

Keep users engaging relevant and contextual video content in your own satellite store

Launch supersonic features

Satellite Stores

Headless and contextual, our native like video stores come with their own cart and checkout, while syncing all orders and data with your core shop system

Store Builder    

Build satellite stores in minutes not hours, powered by AI. Need 100s of contextual stores for each context? No problem

Incentive Toolbox

Apply a range of customer incentives to drive new signups, sales, and loyalty

Express Checkout

Satellite stores can be powered with our embedded express checkout or directed towards your current checkout

Partner Sales Commissions

Pay commissions to integrated affiliate partners driving users through your stores and only paying for what you sell

No-Code Setup

Our platform syncs everything with your existing e-commerce shop system within a few clicks

In-depth Analytics

Gain additional 1st party data insights into customer behavior and preferences with our comprehensive analytics suite

Use Cases

Influencer collaboration

Influencer collaboration

Co-create unique satellite stores for each influencer you work with and pay them automatically per sale generated with 100% attribution and creative control

Paid Social channels

Paid Social channels

Drive mobile traffic from social media apps to satellite stores with immersive, app-like UX to keep your audience engaged

Affiliate channels

Affiliate channels

Sell directly within affiliate partners' native experiences for higher conversion and pay them automatically per sale generated without attribution problems

Why Comet?

Industry Collaboration

Comet's platform is designed in partnership with leading global consumer brands

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

Our team has extensive experience building complex payments products and embedded e-commerce strategies for enterprise clients

Robust Data Security

Our SOC & GDPR compliant platform is built with a strong emphasis on data security and compliance.

Dedicated Support

We offer dedicated customer success support throughout the integration process and help you to successfully scale your campaigns